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Hi, we’re the Murphys, welcome to our page!  We live in the beautiful state of North Carolina.  We have the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean within drives reach. 

When we first met, we loved to explore and travel.  One of our favorite things to do was to just pick a spot on the map and drive, yes this was before GPS on our phones.  Our love of adventure has always stuck with us.  We haven’t always been able to explore as we hoped, jobs took too much priority, and we started a family fairly young and have two incredible children.

With that, traveling was not at the front of our minds, and got lost!  They are now teens and we feel we have more time to get out there again and explore more!  Our oldest is 18 years old and our youngest is 14. 

NC has so much to offer and we want to share it with others. We love getting out and hiking in the mountains, swimming at our incredible beaches, eating amazing local food, and visiting all the fun sites along the way.

Sarah has a passion for photography as well, we wanted to create this site to share our adventures and capture beautiful sites along the way.  We will document our journey and also give you recommendations of what we find along the way.  Thanks for joining us!

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North Carolina has three regions,
mountain, piedmont, and coastal.

The mountain contributes to three primary ranges, The Black Mountains, The Blue Ridge Mountains, and The Great Smoky Mountains. The famous Appalachian Trail winds through the NC mountains for 88 miles. You will find over 300 waterfalls in NC, in Transylvania County, there are more than 250 waterfalls alone. The highest mountain on the east coast is Mount Mitchell, at 6,684 feet. You can enjoy 250 miles of the famous Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina. The Uwharrie Mountains are also believed to be the oldest mountains in North America and in the world at more than 600 million years old.

The piedmont consists of primarily of rolling foothills but you will find boulders and rocks. You will find this in the central part of the state. This is where you will find the largest cities in NC including Raleigh and Charlotte where many large financial institutions are based. In the piedmont area, you will find the largest walk-through zoo in the nation which is The North Carolina Zoo. You will find historical sites, amazing golf courses, furniture factories, and shopping!

The coastal region consists of the Outer Banks and beaches along the Atlantic ocean. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse if one of ten lighthouses in NC, located on the outer banks, and is the tallest in America. On the Outer Banks, you will find the location where the Wright Brothers had their first successful powered flight. In addition, you’ll find the tallest sand dune at Nags Head which stands 140 ft depending on the wind. The coastal region is home to three aquariums. Some of the best fishing spots and scuba divers love to explore the shipwrecks on the ocean floor. Also, a wildlife refuge where they have restored red wolves into the area. And, Pepsi-Cola’s birthplace is here in New Bern. Now let’s get out and Explore More NC!

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